Our Mission

Have you ever wondered why a small village or town needs a Chamber of Commerce? Can we survive without one? What exactly is the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce and why should I become active?

Chambers exist throughout the United States and throughout the world for a variety of reasons. Benefits and services to the the individual grow as the size of the organization increases, but in every instance the basic purpose and function of the Chamber remains the same: to give members the opportunity to demonstrate civic duty and pride by working with fellow businesses to enhance the community’s vitality and character. By their very existence, the Chamber of Commerce strives to:

  • Promote civic and economic development
  • Find an opportunity to increase mutual cooperation for the good of the community
  • Encourage new areas of communication between businesses and local government
  • Find ways to market and advertise services and materials to foster and encourage growth and development of businesses in the community
  • Increase the welfare of members and local residents