Eight Reasons why you should Join The Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HBCCI).

1. Promote your Business
Just being a member, your Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce investment makes the business people in the area aware of who you are and what products or services your company offers. A listing in our Newsletter can bring you more business.

2. Meet your Peers
The new and repeated contacts you’ll make at Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce networking events will not only build your rolodex of good prospective clients and customers but also help you meet valuable friends and associates with new ideas, questions, or opinions on the latest trends as well. Join us for our networking breakfasts, luncheons, Business-After-Hours events – and events with other area Chambers of Commerce.

3. Motivate your Staff
Luncheon speakers and workshops on timely topics keep your staff aware of the latest skills and trends. Our annual Golf Outing provides a fun way to spend enjoyable time and reward your staff. If your company is too small to have a Corporate event, join ours!

4. Advertise at Reduced Rates
You’ll have “Member Only” status when it comes to advertising through the Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce! You’ll have the exclusive privilege of advertising in our annual newsletter at its low rates.

5. Stay Informed
Village officials gives frequent reports about what’s going on in our villages to keep you up on our ever-growing and changing community.

6. Stay Visible
Showcase your business by hosting an event like a Business-After-Hours. Bring brochures and company literature to display during networking time at our breakfast or luncheons meetings.

7. Finance your Professional Development
By being an active member in the Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, you’ll learn valuable leadership skills while giving something back to your business community. Volunteer to join a committee, organize an event, or sit on our Board of Directors. People who volunteer time and get involved with Chamber activities realize more benefits from their membership in terms of business growth and overall satisfaction.

8. Meet Friends
Above all, we have fun! We enjoy being businesses in the community for the good times as well as for the challenges. You should be a part of the excitement we share in the Hillside-Berkeley Chamber of Commerce!